How can I contact Florida Park?

You can do so either by telephone (91 8 275 275), by e-mail (info@floridapark.es) or by filling in the form in our contact section, available on the website.

What kind of COVID protocol is followed in Florida Park?

Florida Park follows punctually all the sanitary recommendations related to Covid 19, both in terms of sanitary and hygienic protocols, the maximum number of occupants per table (6 indoors, 8 outdoors) and the opening, serving and closing times.

Are reservations accepted?

We are currently accepting reservations in some of our spaces. We advise you to go to the corresponding section of the website or you can also call us on 91 8 275 275.


Are there reserved spaces? In which spaces are there reserved spaces?

You can book a bottle in our spaces through the reservations section of the website or by calling the reservations telephone number 918725725 .

How many shifts are there per service? How long can I stay at the table?

Due to Covid restrictions during certain high demand days we have arranged 2 hour shifts for meals and 2.5 hour shifts for table reservations with bottle. Please check these restrictions when making your reservation.

Do you have an allergen menu and can you adapt dishes for people with food allergies or intolerances?

All our menus have an indication of the allergens that apply. If you suffer from any type of food allergy, please indicate this when making your reservation.

Do you have covered terraces?

At present the terraces are open air, with the exception of the Gallery which is retractable so that it is a space that works both open and closed.


Can children enter the space and can I bring my children and/or pushchair?

Our outdoor terrace area and restaurant area are suitable for children. Of course, age restrictions apply in the lounge by concept.

What is the minimum age to access any of the Florida Retiro spaces?


Florida Retiro, with the exception of events or experiences that indicate it is family friendly.

Our outdoor terrace area is suitable for children. Of course, age restrictions apply in the lounge by concept.

Is it pet friendly and do you accept pets?

Pets are allowed in the terrace area. Not indoors.

Where can I send my CV?

We have a work with us section in the footer of this website.

Is there live music and in which venues?

Florida Park has a clear vocation for live experiences. That is why we frequently offer live music in our spaces. We advise you to consult the agenda section of this website.

Does Florida Park offer a delivery service?

Florida Park does not currently offer a delivery service.

Is it possible to pay for consumption with a restaurant cheque?

We currently have agreements for payment by restaurant cheque with Sodexho and Ticket Restaurant.


What does the experience consist of?